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Trap metal concert at Warehouse Live? It’s HAARPER? Count me in.

HAARPER’s concert was something I did not want to miss. It was energy-filled and fresh with performers who were new to my ears and acquainted.

The rapper came to Warehouse Live in Houston on October 11. An hour before the concert started, people were slowly coming in. I took the opportunity to purchase some merch before the line got too long and to obtain a spot in the front of the stand.

The setup was perfect, a bar to grab a drink across the room and the merch table right next to the stage. No one would miss a performance if they decided to step out of the crowd to get a drink or buy a shirt.

The first opener is a local underground rapper, Nyxkiss, and his set was a nice start to the rest of the concerts. He engaged with the crowd, dancing around and giving autographs after his set. This was my first introduction to the rapper’s music; it is a mix of hyperpop and trap metal—a combination of my favorite genres.

The second performance was Sinizter, a performer I didn’t know, but will never forget. He came out with a skeleton horned mask and put on a performance that made the audience overwhelmingly pumped. Getting close to the crowd and even crowd surfing. He kept complimenting our enthusiasm, saying it was better than Dallas; behind me was an entire group of people letting loose, singing and head-banging.

The third performance, Sxmpra, is what the majority of the audience was waiting for. While I am a fan of his music and attempted to rap along to the lyrics, I failed. He showed his rapping skills that night, and the crowd showed their appreciation for his talent.

Sxmpra was getting worn out after rapping; he would kneel to catch his breath while his DJ, Teddy Slugz, would take over for him. I loved his performance and setlist, it was diverse, new and familiar.

HAARPER, the main performer of the concert, finally made his way to the stage, rapping his overall favorites. Although I hoped to hear some of his newer material, I was still thrilled to listen to some of my all-time favorite songs.

When HAARPER ended the concert, the crowd and I were cheering for one more song. Everyone was persistent, and he came out behind the curtain and gave us what we demanded. His performance was one of the highlights of the night. The concert was an unforgettable experience, from the opening act to the final performer.

The audience was amazing and curious about the performers, matching the energy with the those on stage. It was my first concert where I was so close to the artist. It was more personal and a better experience than in a big arena.

The audience talked to the artists, DJs and even the photographers. They were cracking jokes and complimenting them.

After the concert, I met Sinizter and congratulated him on his great set; he expressed his gratitude and hugged me. Some performers came out to thank those who came to see them and take photos. I’m glad I didn’t miss the concert, and even though I liked how close I was to the artist, I hope to see HAARPER and everyone else on the big stage next time.

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