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All photos by: Julissa Rivera

Faye Webster took the stage at White Oak Music Hall on Nov. 13 to perform songs off of her albums, “Atlanta Millionaires Club,” “I Know I’m Funny haha” and more. The sold-out show didn’t stop concertgoers from waiting in the rain to see her live.

Webster is from Atlanta, Georgia and began making music when she was only 14 years old. Her style ranges from country to alternative and she rose to fame in 2017 with the release of her self-titled album. 

Venezuelan-American singer Maye opened the concert with her song “Yours,” a slow, dreamy melody that had the crowd swaying. Her energy was infectious and brought a positive beginning to the rest of the show.

At around 8:40 p.m., the white lights dimmed and blue lights started flashing quickly, building anticipation for Webster’s appearance. Suddenly, the stage lit up and the crowd screamed as she sang the first words of her song “But Not Kiss.”

She played the guitar as she spun around in circles dancing to the song. Although her music is mellow and slow, that didn’t stop Webster from bringing fiery energy to the crowd. She even went as far as shouting into her microphone to get the crowd going.

Her next song “Better Distractions” calmed the crowd down as they quietly sang along and swayed to the music. The dreamy instrumentals brought a soothing energy to the atmosphere of the show and really set the tone.

The saxophone solo in the song “A Dream With a Baseball Player” really stood out as Webster took a moment to step out of the spotlight and have it shine on the person playing it. The song is about falling in love with someone that you don’t know.

The most emotional song of the night was “Jonny,” a heartfelt fan favorite. Webster took long pauses in between verses showcasing her vulnerability and allowing the crowd to feel her emotions with her. 

Other fan favorites she performed included “In A Good Way” and “Right Side of My Neck.” These are some of her most streamed songs and are how many fans were introduced to her music.

Towards the end of her set, Webster performed an unexpected combination of songs. Her band played an instrumental of a song from Pokemon called “Eterna City.”

She then went on to say “This is a really dumb song I wrote” and sang a heavily autotuned unreleased song about her day that she couldn’t stop smiling about. 

Webster seemingly finished her concert with the song “Cheers,” but the crowd kept screaming for more.

“We love you Faye!” shouted several concertgoers.

Before playing the last song of the night, she introduced her band members. 

Ending the encore with a bang, Webster teased the crowd with a long opening of her most popular song, “Kingston.” The song accumulated more than 150,000,000 streams on Spotify and went viral on TikTok. 

The mellow love song was a perfect ending to the night and the crowd sang along beautifully.

“Have a good night!” Webster said as she walked off stage, thanking her fans for their support. 

Overall, Faye Webster’s concert was a refreshing experience that allowed fans to sing along to their favorite songs. The attentive audience really allowed the emotions to be felt in each song and Webster’s stage presence was phenomenal and left a lasting impression.

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