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With the holidays just around the corner, everyone tends to get cozy in their beds and embrace the feeling of hygge. The most common approach to reaching this feeling is watching holiday rom-coms. Here are a few classic and wildly loved holiday rom-coms for you to watch this season!


A classic love story with a twist of fate. The movie reflects the feeling of love, fate and the magic of New York City during Christmas.

Jonathan Trager and Sara Thomas perfectly portray the essence of how two strangers meet accidentally and feel an instant connection.

What sets ‘Serendipity’ apart is its ability to capture the whimsical nature of serendipitous moments with a touch of romance and comedy.

The picturesque portrayal of New York City during the holiday season turns the city into a character in itself, adding a magical backdrop to the unfolding love story.

While You Were Sleeping

This movie is a heart-warming comedy that blends effortlessly with humor, charm and emotions.

Lucy Moderatz is a lonely token collector who finds herself stuck in unexpected events during the holiday season. However, her life takes a whole different route when she saves the life of a handsome stranger named Peter Callaghan.

His family mistakenly thinks she is Peter’s fiancee which then turns into a web of delightful chaos, especially with the entry of his brother, Jack Callaghan.

The movie not only captures the cozy feeling of the holiday season but the concepts of loneliness and family as well.


‘Holidate’ injects a fresh perspective into the rom-com and holiday movie genre. It is a delightful and contemporary romantic comedy. It’s not only fun to watch but is very relatable as well.

Sloane and Jackson start an agreement to beat the societal expectations and pressures to have a ‘holiday date’ during the holidays together. The movie captures the cliches and challenges of holiday romance while embracing the warmth and joy.

Incorporating the themes of self-discovery and the importance of being true to yourself, this movie goes beyond the typical rom-coms.

The Princess Switch Saga

This saga portrays a twist to the classic ‘Prince and the Pauper’ narrative. It adds a charm to the rom-com genre with a modern-day fairy tale while embracing the old-school spirit of the holiday season.

Stacy De Nova is a talented baker from Chicago who finds herself in a magical switcheroo with Lady Margaret Delacourt, the Duchess of Montenaro and her look-alike. They decide to temporarily trade lives and that’s when the holiday magic kicks in!

Living each other’s life, Stacy falls in love with Prince Edward while Lady Margaret falls in love with Kevin, Stacy’s best friend.

The movie saga is perfect for someone who is seeking a feel-good escape into a world of magic, romance and enchantment.

Holiday Affair

This 1949 rom-com is a heart-warming and delightful classic that captures the holiday spirit and the feeling of love with its charming narrative.

Two strangers, Steve Mason and Connie Ennis, are encountered by fate during the Christmas season. As the story unfolds, a blossoming connection between these two characters is witnessed.

What sets this movie apart is how it captures the magic of Christmas without resorting to overly sentimental or cliche tropes. One can sense genuine warmth and sincerity.

The film’s black-and-white cinematography enhances its nostalgic charm, transporting viewers to a bygone era while highlighting the timeless nature of the story.

Whether you’re a fan of classic cinema or simply in search of a feel-good holiday film, ‘Holiday Affair’ offers a nostalgic and enchanting journey that captures the essence of love and joy during the most wonderful time of the year.

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