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We’re all Coogs, but Shasta is the main Coog. Shasta is loved by all, bringing the Spirit of Houston to UH. With Sasha by their side, Shasta’s always bringing a smile to everyone.

But how well do we know our furry friend? Check out Cooglife’s exclusive interview below to learn more about this celebrity Coog!

Cooglife: Hey, Shasta! Thanks for speaking with us today. How are you feeling?

Shasta: Great! I’m happy to see all my Coogs prowling around campus…. I missed you all over the break.

Cooglife: Awww, you really love UH and UH loves you back! Tell me, what makes UH different from other universities? Why is it so special?

Shasta: It’s the culmination of the best that Houston has to offer. We have a rich history and a diverse campus. Everyone is welcome to be a Coog! 

Cooglife: What tradition perfectly embodies the spirit of UH?

Shasta: The singing of the Alma Mater. When you sing it, you know you’re home! 

Cooglife: Your favorite color is red, right? 

Shasta: Why else would I wear it so often? It looks good to wear on Fridays and really brings out my eyes.

Cooglife: That’s so true! How cute! Tell me, what types of events do you like attending the most?

Shasta: Basketball and football games for sure.

Cooglife: What is the most exciting thing about making appearances at events?

Shasta: Being able to interact with students and staff.

Cooglife: What is the most challenging? Is there anything you don’t like about it? Be honest.

Shasta: Getting around campus. They won’t give me my own car because I “technically don’t have a license”..whatever that means.

Cooglife: Awww, that’s too bad. Hopefully, that will change in the future. Tell me, what has been the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you while performing for the crowd?

Shasta: Accidentally ripped my shirt doing a ton of push-ups. Oops!

Cooglife: I see. You must be jacked! I’m sure that got the crowd pumped. It’s no big deal. You were just doing your job. Tell me, what do you enjoy the most about game days?

Shasta: Pre-game ceremonies. Waving the Eat ‘Em Up flag is always a blast… and celebrating a victory at Cane’s, of course.

Cooglife: Hmmm, sounds yummy! As a member of the Spirit of Houston, your job is to keep the excitement going. Do you ever feel down or exhausted? If so, how do you bounce back?

Shasta: I get jacked over the summer (Shasta performs an arm flex), so I never get exhausted, but if I did, I’d just take a glance at Sasha. She keeps me going (Shasta offers Sasha a wink).

Cooglife: Is Sasha your girlfriend or your wife?

(Sasha interjects)

Sasha: We can’t find a ring big enough to fit my paw, so I’m still just living it up as a girlfriend. 

(Sasha kisses Shasta then leaves)

Cooglife: Awww, y’all are so cute! Tell me, who would you say is more famous—you or Sasha?

Shasta: Depends…is Sasha going to see this?

Cooglife: We can skip that question then. Tell me a time when someone was so overjoyed or ecstatic to see you. How did that make you feel?

Shasta: I’ve had my fair share of fan encounters, but nothing ever compares to meeting our littlest Coog fans for the first time. I’m a sucker for those moments.

Cooglife: Awww, that’s so adorable! It’s wild how awestruck people get when they see you. I know it probably boosts your ego. How do you not let fame get to your head?

Shasta: I remember Taylor Swift—I mean, President Khator— exists.

Cooglife: How’d you enjoy the first game of the semester? 

Shasta: To no surprise, we won! It was nice having The Cage full of UH students again. Go Coogs!

Cooglife: What message would you like to send to Coogs as they navigate through the spring semester?

Shasta: Become the academic beast you were always meant to be!

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