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Back before the lamp was invented, candles had one primary responsibility: to provide lighting. Nowadays, candles have evolved to enhance an environment by providing ambiance.

But, why does it promote a relaxing environment? The answer might lie in their flame, scented smells and ambiance.

Fireplaces, bonfires and candles all have flickering flames. The red and yellow glow of the flame and the crackling sound of wood have captivated humans for centuries. These inventions were seen in times even before the common era.

In ancient times, “violet flame meditation” was a symbol of the spiritual fire of self-transformation. Candles, with their bright flame, serve both as a source of lighting and an imitation of the nature of a flame.

Nature, food, scented smells and essential oils all trigger a response that lights the olfactory system of the brain, which is responsible for memory and emotions.

Ambience, mood and lighting can also contribute to a sense of relaxation and calmness. It is incredibly important to create a calming and meditative environment around us to reduce anxiety, clear clutter in the mind and promote relaxation, presence as well as a sense of peace. Candles are able to achieve this environment through their smell, flickering soft light and they are able to blend in nicely with other soothing colors for such an environment.

Creating a calming and meditative environment is essential for anyone to be able to stop, breathe and exist in a place that you want to come home to.

Candles are not the only way to create such an environment. Plants, warm lights, a fireplace, records of favorite albums, surrounded with books, beautiful artworks and soothing colors in furniture could assist in relaxation but also help to produce a greater volume of deep work and focus with the same air of calmness. Candles can also help in improving sleep, reducing insomnia and creating a shutdown ritual from everyday hurdles.

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