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A city like Houston, which has a large Desi population, offers a wide variety of Indian food. India, an extremely diverse country does not have just a single cuisine. 

India has a broad diversity of cuisines because of its many different climates, soil types, cultures and religions, in addition to influences from other nations. 

Indian cuisine consumes about 42 different essential ingredients some of which are Basmati rice, chakki atta (chapati flour), turmeric powder, pulses and green chillies.

A little-known fact about India is it identifies as the spice capital of the world. However, not all food is spicy. Indian cuisine has about 200 sweet dishes and a variety of beverages.

Here are a few restaurants in Houston that offer some of the best Indian cuisine and dishes.


This fine dining tries to give you the feel of Indian royalty and is one of the best Indian restaurants in Houston. While giving the royalty setting, it’s a modern restaurant that gives you the taste of different regions of India. 

One of the best and most recommended dishes is dal makhani with butter naan and butter chicken. A really unique dish at this restaurant is the jackfruit biryani and tuna papad. 

The restaurant not only has a wide range of vegetarian options, but a lot of vegan options as well.

Apart from some amazing drinks like Shammi’s Old Fashion and Kohinoor, guests seem to enjoy the service as well. 

Google review rating: 4.3/5

Honest Restaurant 

Another amazing restaurant that serves one of the best and all kinds of Indian cuisine. From the famous Indian street food to the Indo-Chinese cuisine, they offer everything. 

This chain of restaurants is not just limited to Houston and consistency is one of their biggest strengths. They have a wide range of menu items even when it comes to beverages and sweet dishes.

The best part about this place is how you can indulge in the taste of various regions of India. One can order their Punjabi thali to drown in the goodness of North Indian taste while also ordering the rava masala dosa of South India. 

While the food here is pretty delicious, the ambiance is pretty simple and not very bougie. However, the prices are pretty reasonable. 

Google review rating: 4.4/5

Maharaja Bhog

This traditional Indian restaurant showcases the culture of two Indian states, Rajasthan and Gujarat. The food featured here is the traditional vegetarian thalis. 

The concept of thali involves small portions of a number of dishes on one big plate. It includes starters, main course, dessert as well as drinks. They offer about 26 items in one thali and have unlimited refills.  

The food items are not just spicy or sweet, but even salty, sour, bitter, savory and possibly more! Each thali costs about $25. 

They offer both lunch and dinner thalis. 

Google review rating: 4.1/5


Another amazing fine dining restaurant by the famous Indian Chef, Kiran Verma. She was a 2023 James Beard Semifinalist for Best Chef Texas and considered the “godmother of Indian fine dining.”

Naturally, the food at Kiran’s is an experience. Although a little expensive, it is worth the try. If you’re having Indian food for the first time, then this restaurant is the place for you. 

Delhi chat, chicken tikka masala, corn and crab samosa, butter chicken, dal makhani, gulab jamun are just some of the most delicious and basic dishes of India that are offered at Kiran’s.

Along with the yummy food, they even have an amazing ambiance! Truly one of the most authentic experiences!

Google review rating: 4.4/5

Mahesh’s Kitchen

Talking about authentic experience, this restaurant has some of the most amazing fusion dishes! One of the best Indian restaurants, this place has an amazing environment with an equally delicious menu. 

From spicy hot Goan shrimp and avocado bhel to butter chicken and lamb biryani, everything here is unique in its own, fusion way. 

They have a really good service along with a vibrant ambiance. The prices are reasonable and it is great for both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. 

The only drawback is the parking issue as it is located in one of the busiest places at Sugarland.

Google review rating: 4.3/5 

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