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As the semester closes and the days start getting warmer, many readers are in the mood for a certain type of book. The term “beach read” is self-explanatory of where you’ll be taking the book, but usually categorizes genres that are considered lighter or easier to digest.

While a beach read can be a romance, chick literature or even a piece of literary fiction you can devour in a few hours, here are five novels we recommend you put on your summer reading list.

One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle

Who doesn’t want to imagine they are spending their summer on the Amalfi Coast? Or, maybe you are, then lucky you. Either way, this novel is the perfect gem to keep you company. With a heavier concept dealing with grief and some supernatural elements of time and space, “One Italian Summer” is more than just your average beach read.

The Roughest Draft by Austin Siegemund-Broka and Emily Wibberley

Sliding in something from the romance category, “The Roughest Draft” ends up being something comprised of much more than a love story. From the perspective of two writers, every reader can experience the sharp banter, descriptive settings and immense character-building while they are camped out in the shade this summer.

Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman

More than just your average romance (in that this one really shouldn’t be idealized) this book can be taken with you on your trip of the summer so you can admire the prose and how easily Aciman can convey the mind of an obsessed teenage boy with a crush. And, it will give you a dreamy escape to another part of Italy.

Seven Days in June by Tia Williams

To go with all of the summer settings in this list, this is one of the more dynamic romances out there. With a dash of the second-chance trope and a sprinkle of humorous internal monologue, explore this contemporary novel when you’re by the pool and it’s too hot to do anything else but read and sweat.

Funny Story by Emily Henry

This truly could not be a list of beach reads without the “Beach Read” author’s latest book release added. While this novel of Henry’s is not as seasonal as the rest, there is still that delectable romance beach lovers crave with relatable side characters and an exploration of summer in Michigan.

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