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"Women are just trying to go about their day unbothered, only to be harassed with yelling about sexual exploits or what some think to be compliments."

Everyone who identified as a woman at one point has likely gone through a “pick me” phase. A “pick me” is defined by Urban Dictionary as “a woman that is willing to do anything for male approval. She will embarrass or throw other women under the bus to achieve this goal.” But don’t worry. The phase is there to build...

Moving on from past relationships is hard, even those that could barely be considered relationships. It's OK to let yourself mourn the ending of these situations.

Think of a movie or TV show with a queer couple. What’s their age difference? Are they respected by their peers? Are they having a lot of sex? While there’s nothing wrong with queer people having a lot of sex, often that’s what media focuses on. When queer people on screen are over portrayed having sex it can hurt...

Joining an on campus organization not only bettered my skills, but it introduced me to my best friends.

How joining an on campus organization helped Cynthia gain skills and life long friendships she may never have had otherwise.

Tackling body image issues is something that is a personal journey for every individual person. For me, tattoos have helped my journey along.