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When I need to do assignments, I usually turn on a chill playlist. But when it starts to get chilly outside, there is a different vibe in the air. The best time of the year is slowly approaching. So today I will share 10 songs for a cold and cozy winter. 

“Something Foreign” – SiR ft. ScHoolboy Q

To me, this song is the epitome of cold and gloom. The piano throughout the track makes it feel so soft and classy. SiR makes sure to show off his light yet smooth voice while producing great harmonies. His labelmate ScHoolboy Q then drops a verse that blends in well with the track, while adding a slight bounce.  

“Come Through and Chill” – Miguel ft. J.Cole, Salaam Remi

The name of this song says everything it needs to. J Cole starts off the song with a dope verse to set the laid-back mood for the rest of it. The track then moves into a catchy chorus from Miguel that makes me feel I’m in a trance. J Cole then spits a short second verse which ties up the song very nicely. 

“Sleigh” – Smino with Monte Booker & Masego

Saint Louis artist Smino dropped a Christmas 2-pack back in 2019, and to this day it is something I put on for the holiday season. His rapping and singing about his perfect ‘’Highladays’’ makes me feel like sipping on some hot chocolate. The production from Monte Booker sounds as if Christmas and RnB fused together. Masego then comes in with his iconic saxophone and delivers some great vocals to finish up the song. 

“Sandstorm” – Mereba ft JID

My favorite duet ever has to make a cameo in this playlist. Mereba and JID made a masterpiece of a song, but I don’t ever hear many people talk about it. Their chemistry in the song is something you cannot replicate anywhere else. The production of this song is so warm yet winter-esque. For any music video lovers, I definitely recommend watching the one for this song, it’s stellar.  

“Heartbreak Anniversary” – Giveon

The Long Beach, California hitmaker Giveon is undoubtedly an artist that reminds me of the winter. In ‘Heartbreak Anniversary,’ he sings ‘’It’s cold outside like when you walked out my life’’ and that hits differently when it is cold. This song has so much emotion behind it, that every time it comes on I can’t help but sing my heart out. 

“Japanese Denim” – Daniel Caesar

If Daniel Caesar is going to do something, it’s singing his ass off on some majestic production. Japanese Denim is a song that truly makes you feel like you’re ascending. The bridge of the song is my favorite part because of the way the production and his voice intensify to a climax and then release, it is something you can truly feel throughout your whole body.  

“Capo”- Mustafa ft. Sampha

Mustafa is an artist from Canada who has a beautiful voice and touching songwriting. This song Capo feels so intimate when played during a chilly day. The featured artist Sampha is legendary when it comes to elevating songs, he turns them into gold. This track is for you if you want to enjoy artists who can really hold a note. 

“White” – Odd Future, Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is an artist who does not need an introduction. This track here is to me the interlude of this playlist. It is a simple track that goes along with your mood but also stimulates your ears. 

“Real Affair” (Remix) – Tiana Major9 ft. Vince Staples 

To start winding down this playlist we have this pick with two amazing artists, Tiana Major9 and Vince Staples. They together on this track is something I didn’t know I needed but am happy I got. Tiana’s warm vocals over the guitar loop and simple drums make her shine. Vince Staples then comes in and blends in perfectly with the aura of the track, he added the cherry on top. 

“Seasons” – 6LACK ft. Khalid

To finalize this playlist, we have a track that feels like winter is wrapping up. 6LACK sings about wanting summer to come back after a long winter, and I know this will be my thoughts as well after a month of cold. After a great chorus from 6LACK,  Khalid comes in and shows us why he is so cemented in this world of music, his harmonies and delicate vocals are something special. At the very end, you hear a spoken piece by Mereba. Her words truly know how to touch souls. 

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