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Envision yourself coasting inside of a Tommy Hilfiger store, trying to find the perfect pair of jeans as a Christmas present for your best friend. However, you soon come to realize that the trousers you favored are the same exact cost as your own phone bill. Pulling a Jessie J, you forget about the price tag and bring the denim to the front counter. As the cashier scans the anticipated gift, you check your mobile bank only to discover that you don’t have enough money to pay for it. This, unfortunately, forces you to exit the store flustered, empty-handed, and above all, disappointed. 

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for your bestie can be rather irritable for you, and excessive for your wallet. While you have the desire to impress them with your gift-giving abilities, you still try to refrain from hurting your pockets. Well fear no more, here’s a cheap yet enthralling Christmas gift guide that fits into a college budget. 

Libbey Gourmet Latter Mug from Bed, Bath & Beyond

If your best friend is a Tik Tok addict, then this Christmas gift is outright immaculate. Not only can they relish the goodness of seasonal drinks, they’ll also finally be able to participate in that viral whipped coffee trend they’ve been dying to try! This lavish item prices at $3.49 but with the Bed, Bath & Beyond membership (Beyond+), you can get it for as low as $2.79—now if that isn’t a steal, then I don’t know what is. Here’s a toast to inexpensive cups and muscular arms from whipping that instant coffee overnight!

Animal Plush Throw from Big Lots 

In the words of the famous Dorothy Gale: “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” I can assure you that you’ll be just as excited about animals as she was after hearing about this. As you can presume, most comforter sets cost an arm and a leg, however people are in dire need to warm just that. Thankfully, Big Lots lives up to their name considering their massive collection of cheap and fuzzy animal blankets. With just a single purchase, you’ll feel like a Christmas pastry coming fresh out of the oven! Those twelve dollar snug-fleeced materials are definitely worth the try and the money. So if I were you, I’d start following the yellow-brick road down to aisle two.

Streamline Starry Sky LED Room Light from Kohl’s 

Bummed out because COVID-19 has you locked away in your house like some damsel in distress? Well, no worries! With these starry LED lights, you can take the concept of sight-seeing to a whole new level. This eight dollar purchase is an absolute life-saver (literally). This item will have your loved ones counting the stars for days—weeks even! If you are cynical about spending your coins on this astrological gem, just simply imagine this: You’re laying beside your closest friend on Christmas day, enjoying the exquisite indoor constellation, all while remaining safe and healthy!

Spa/Bath Gift Set from Walmart 

Don’t bring them to the spa, bring the spa to them! You could never go wrong with the sweet aroma of body wash and bath salts. Although some people may deem the notion of giving someone a bottle of soap as a subtle diss, this still serves as a great Christmas present. You can find these bad boys at your local Walmart for just ten dollars at most; suitable for anyone and everyone! Spa sets are genuinely the best to dabble in, especially after having a treacherous day at work or school. There is but only one resolution here: To gift someone you love the ability to de-stress from the distress!

Hopefully, this provided you with a better insight into low-priced Christmas gifting. At least now you’ll spare yourself the hassle of prancing around unaffordable stores like one of Santa’s reindeer.  Happy shopping!

Graphic by Autumn Rendall

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