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Moving to a new city can always be intimidating, especially when it’s on your own. As someone that has moved many, many, many times (seven to be exact), I have some experience making new friends. Here’s what has helped me in the past, and what I can only hope helps you in Houston!

Find ways to explore your interests

Do what you love, and you’ll love what you do! While this definitely applies to your career and lifestyle, it absolutely also applies to making new friends! When you explore your interests, you can make new friends that share the same hobbies as you. Let’s say you LOVE swimming, join your local swim club! You can make some friends while doing what you love, and hopefully, this shared interest will help create tighter bonds.

Religious or cultural groups

Sometimes, meeting like minded people can help adjust to life in your new city. I’m both Pakistani, and Muslim, and the people I have met through religious services have become my lifelong friends. A lot of times, I find it much easier to relate to people who share the same cultural and religious experiences as mine, since we usually have similar upbringings.


There’s plenty of research on how volunteering can lift your spirits. Moving to a new city can definitely overwhelm you, and possibly bring about dreary emotions. Volunteering can not only lift your spirits, but can introduce you to all sorts of people from different walks of life. A great place to start hunting for volunteer work to do is https://volunteerhouston.org

Workout classes

Another way to meet friends while also boosting serotonin is by working out! Join a yoga class at your local gym, or find a boot camp to do. This way, you can sweat the stress of moving off, while also chatting with fellow city dwellers.

Local Facebook groups

Not to sound like your parents, but Facebook groups are where it’s at. As per my own father, there are Facebook groups for the most niche interests, like the one he’s in for Houston Gardeners. A simple search with your interest and city will likely yield a plethora of page/group results, who may even have virtual or in-person meet ups where you can chat about your shared interest, and life.

Wishing everyone happy bonding, and the best of luck in your new city!

Graphic by Juana Garcia

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