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Thanksgiving is all about tradition. Whether your customs follow the unvarying table settings or the unaltered guests list, likewise, everyone can almost always anticipate the type of cuisine soon to be filling every section of their plates. Dad’s turkey recipe that he swears is award deserving and your aunt’s marshmallow topped sweet potato casserole that she will not accept is actually a dessert. This year, try swapping those classics with plant-based alternatives that will continue to astonish your guests.

There is a stigma that vegan food can be bland or really expensive, but just like non-vegan eats, it all comes down to the person in charge of seasoning and the brands you choose. We curated a list of some easy to come across, plant-based menu items that won’t break the bank.

  1. Gardein holiday plant-based frozen roast

How could we call it Thanksgiving without a turkey on the scene? So many companies like Gardein and Tofurky imitate the flavors of real turkey meat out of plant derived ingredients. Skip the pesky steps of turkey preparation and have your main course ready in less than three hours. This plant-based dinner is under $15 and can be found at a variety of grocery stores located in the Houston area. One box serves five.

  1. Banyan mild red tofu tamales

Keeping some traditions can take days to fulfil. Tamales for example, are not an easy dish to whip up and are usually stuffed with meat or cheese. In some cultures, tamales are vital to Thanksgiving dinners and it doesn’t have to be something skipped when it comes to plant-based cuisine. H-E-B carries vegan tamales and they are priced under $10.

  1. Annie’s organic vegan macaroni, creamy sauce

We couldn’t leave out this one. Macaroni and Cheese is that one dish that people of all ages can’t resist piling onto their plate. Annie’s Vegan Mac is the box mac that most closely resembles the savory, cheesy flavors you find in dairy cheese. This can be found at Whole Foods or Target for under $5 and serves about two people.

  1. Boursin dairy free garlic & herb cheese spread alternative

Let it be known that the charcuterie board is still going to make an appearance at the table this year. When it comes to cheese, you won’t be missing out with the plant-based Boursin. This gem is available at Trader Joes and H-E-B for under $10 and will make a statement on your Thanksgiving spread.

  1. Trader Joe’s pumpkin rolls

Skip the store bought pie and aim to change the way dessert hour will look at your feast. These pumpkin rolls from Trader Joe’s are vegan and will continue to deliver those fall flavors of cinnamon and clove for your Thanksgiving palate. This item is under $5 and contains five rolls.

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